Bob Belinoff.

I am a film-maker, writer, marketing consultant and speaker on public health issues. I’ve worked on issues relating to integrative medicine, yoga and mind-body health as well as with State Health Departments, The USDA, The U.S. Justice Department, The World Health Organization and the American Library Association.

I received a Masters Degree in Communication from the
University of Illinois in 1968, worked in advertising for a
decade before becoming Director of the Consumer Healthcare Division of J. Walter Thompson, the world wide advertising agency based in New York.

But my most valuable experience as a documentary
film maker has come from what I have learned about people: experience gained as a dock worker in Oakland, Teamster, cab driver, house painter and traveler throughout Ecuador, Columbia and India.

Randy McComas.

I am a film-maker, shooter, and editor. I cut my teeth directing television news. I’ve worked with some of the regions premier film-makers. Taught digital film-making to high school students in California and on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, on assignment
for global corporations like PepsiCo and Exxon Mobile, as well as with The U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Labs.

Directing live television news before joining Bob in
Digital WkShop I learned to work quickly, tell a story
and get the facts straight.

I’ve Traveled to Africa, Mexico and Australia helping make films about the environment. Helped produce, shoot and edit television programs for teens, schools and communities about behavioral health, contributing my time and energy over the years to community and causes that matter most to health and qualityof life issues.